Global Tea Break Community Bookshelf

Global Tea Break Community Bookshelf

Welcome to our community's literary haven, where knowledge and passion converge within the pages of captivating books. Immerse yourself in a world teeming with talented individuals who have shared their expertise through the written word.

From the depths of Digital Marketing to Selling Online to Business Development and AI travel through an exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship, our community members have crafted insightful narratives that will leave you inspired and informed.

Delve into the world of marketing or explore the boundless potential of artificial intelligence. These books embody the collective wisdom of our community, inviting you to embark on a transformative reading experience. Unleash your curiosity and discover the treasures within these pages.

Solving The Digital Marketing Jigsaw Puzzle
Author Alan Hennessy
The Digital Handbook
Author: Alan Hennessy
Business Networking
Author: D.Scott Smith
Freeze: Inaction In the Face of Business
Author: D.Scott Smith & Veronica Jeans
The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever
Author: Mark Schaefer/ Kami Huyse
Influence: Creation of Credibility
Author: D.Scott Smith
PEERtainment: The Golden Age of Social Media is Over
Author Matt Rouse
The Age of Aging: Volume One Pre-Planning for Your Future
Author: Christine A. Smith
Befuddled? Live The Life Your Choose
Author: Russ Hedge
Face Facts
Author: Joseph Mcguire
Shopify Made Easy Start Your Own Online Store Vol 1.
Author Veronica Jeans
Shopify Made Easy Brand Your Shopify Store Vol 2
Author Veronica Jeans
Shopify Made Easy: Optimize Your Store Vol 3
Author Veronica Jeans
Shopify Made Easy Position Your Brand Vol 4
Author Veronica Jeans
Shopify Made Easy: Build Your ECommerce Vol 1
Author Veronica Jeans
Your Leadership Legacy
Author Oakland McCulloch
Talk Learn Connect 
Author: Yvonne Reddin
Your Destination: Define Your Company's Vision
Author: Scott R. Weaver
Author Kathryn Lang
Mystery Rock 
Author Kathryn Lang
Secret of the Mounds
Author Kathryn Lang
Shadow in the Cave
Author Kathryn Lang
Practical Proverbs
Author Kathryn Lang
8 Hours to Publish a Book
Author Kathryn Lang
90 Days through the Bible
Author Kathryn Lang
Boss Latinas
Author Jo Welch
Will AI Take My Job?
Author Matthew M.Rouse
Monster Trucks, Day Jobs
Author Stephen Hodges
You Can Overcome Anything
Author Haleh Houshim
You Are The Universe
Author Haleh Houshim
Windows and Mirrors
Author Dean J.Fusto
It's The Bottom Line that Matters
Author Jennifer Glass

Building a Winning Mindset
Author Jennifer Glass

Global Tea Break Community Bookshelf


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