Global Tea Break Badges


GTB Badge Application Google Form Link:

We are excited to share with you the new Global Tea Break Community Badges.

We would be delighted if you could download the badge or badges that apply to you. 

We have three different types of badges for you to choose from:
  1. Standard Global Tea Break Community Badge (This is the standard badge for all members to download)
  2. Global Tea Break Educator Badge (This is the Educator Badge for any members that have presented at the monthly meeting)
  3. Global Tea Break Podcast Badge ( This is the GTB Podcast Badge for any members that have been a guest on the Tea Break Podcast) 
Global Tea Break Badges

Here Are Some of the Benefits of having a Global Tea Break Community Badge.

Having a digital badge from an online community group like the Global Network affixed on your website and email signature offers substantial benefits. They can enhance both your personal and professional brand. Here are some key benefits:
1. Credibility:
Digital badges verify your membership and participation in a globally recognized community. They demonstrate that you meet specific standards or have achieved certain qualifications. This can enhance your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers, clients, or employers.
2. Professional Development:
Badges often represent a level of professional development or continuing education. Highlighting this growth can illustrate your commitment to learning and staying updated in your field.
3. Increased Visibility:
A digital badge can make you more visible online. It can increase your website’s SEO and visibility on social media, leading to higher website traffic and more potential leads.
4. Stand Out from Competition:
Given the digital landscape’s competitive nature, a digital badge can differentiate you from your competitors. This unique feature on your website or email can arouse curiosity and engage visitors or recipients to explore more about your background and expertise.
5. Networking:
It creates opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. Visitors who notice your badge might also be part of the same community, reinforcing a sense of camaraderie and shared understanding.
6. Brand Image:
The badge can enhance your brand image by linking you with the reputed online community, thus aligning their brand values and recognition with your own.
7. Social Proof:
Last but not least, it works as a form of social proof, indicating that you're trusted by respected organizations.
Digital badges form an essential part of personal branding in the digital age. They not only establish authenticity but also help in building relationships with your audience based on trust and respect.
GTB Educators Badge

GTB Educators Badge

Global Tea Breaker Member Badge

GTB Standard Members Badge

Global Tea Break Podcast Guest Badge

GTB Podcast Guest Badge

Twin Set GTB Member and Educator

Twin Set GTB Member & Educator

GTB Full Set; Member - Educator and Podcast Guest

GTB Full Set: Member, Educator, Podcast Guest


Submit your application for your badge or badges in order of your preference depending on your level. Please fill in the Google form in the link below to apply, your application will be verified and processed within two day of submission and you will receive an email from Alan with your badge or badges attached, you will also receive a link for the Global Tea Break website which you can attach to your badge.
Please promote your badges on your website with a link and also include it in your email signature.
Thank you in advance for helping to grow the Global Tea Break Community.
GTB Badge Application Google Form Link:

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 The community of people in the Virtual Global Tea Break is growing. Join us each month for ninety minutes of connection and inspiration. We extend our reach when we meet; we grow our power when we become a community.

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