Global Tea Break Educational Presentations


Every month on the Global Tea Break Networking Meetings, we invite one of our community members to present an educational presentation at our meetings. We have had so many excellent presentations and would like to thank all the members for sharing their wealth of knowledge with our community.

If you missed any of our meetings and presentations you can catch them on the replay below.

Always remember "Every Day is a School Day" and we constantly need to keep up to date and learn from each other.


Global Tea Break Educational Presentations

We have broken down each of our presentations with the Subject Title, Presenter and a Summary of the Chosen Topics. You can view all the educational pieces here on the website or go directly to the YouTube Video.
We hope you enjoy these presentations and will join us for our next meeting. Please see our Global Tea Dates page for more details.


Masterclass in Clubhouse
with Jim Fuhs.
Introduction to Clubhouse, learn the skill you need to connect and interact in Clubhouse Rooms online

Sign Up, Suit Up, Show Up
with Gail Robertson.
How to become a social superhero with GailNow, How to make that impact online and offline

Master Networking in 17 Seconds
with Nancy Baki.
Learn how to capture peoples attention by Mastering Networking in 17 Seconds

Giving Your Head Peace!
with Stephen McDonnell.
Insights into giving your head peace, tactics for being more yourself. Stephen shares so many great tips

Communication Tips for Negotiation!
with Joseph McGuire.
Knowing how to connect and read the situation in negotiations is key to one's success. Joseph shares some communications tips with us.

Creative Writing Tips!
with Yvonne Reddin.
The power of creative writing is essential in delivering content today, Yvonne shares some fantastic tips you can use every day. 

Modern SEO!
with Matt Rouse.
Your website is a key component to showcase your products and services. Matt share some tips for ranking & SEO for your website


January: Friday 22nd

February: Friday 19th

March: Friday: 19th

April: Friday 16th

May: Friday 21st

June: Friday 18th

July: Friday 16th

August: Friday 20th

September: Friday 17th

October: Friday 15th

November: Friday 19th

December: Friday 17th

Our World Our Community

The world will emerge from the global pandemic, not because of government intervention, but because of your entrepreneurial spirit. The community of people in the Virtual Global Tea Break is growing. Join us each month for ninety minutes of connection and inspiration. We extend our reach when we meet; we grow our power when we become a community.