Global Tea Break Podcast Episode #1 with Kami Huyse

Episode 1. Interview with Kami Huyse

The Global Tea Break Podcast is hosted by Alan Hennessy and D. Scott Smith.

This podcast is to educate, entertain and Inspire, and over the course of these podcasts, we will be chatting with members of the Global Tea Break.

In this episode, we were delighted to welcome Kami Huyse from Smart Social Mastery as our first guest on the podcast.

Kami shared with us her favourite blend of tea and who she would like to share a cup of tea with, we also spoke about building communities and her Smart Social Mastery Programme (links to all Kami's exciting projects, Masterminds and how to contact her below)

Kami's Favourite Tea Blend is:

As an entrepreneur, Kami is known for creating the products or services if they do not exist and that is what she did with her favourite type of tea blend.

Kami's Blend

Harney & Sons Fine Teas - Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea plus Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, Bengal Spice, and Tazzo Chai tea

Kami's Tea Guests:

Mother Teresa, who was a true entrepreneur and built an extensive network of community around the world and Kami's second guest would be Hedy Lamarr an Austro-Hungarian-born American actress, she fled from her first husband, a wealthy Austrian ammunition manufacturer, and secretly moved to Hollywood and became a famous Actress.

Kami's Details


Kami Huyse


We look forward to chatting with you on the Podcast. If you would like to be a guest please fill in your details on the form below:

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